Bobby "Mary J" Zingger is a skeleton who is one of Cody's Main Companions. He first appeared in Cody's Review of New Vegas Bounties. His Backstory goes as the following, he was born in a town called Shinglebingles, he's been smoking marijauna ever since he was born, except it never made him high, he used it as a stress reliever, until one the mayor of Shinglebingles had him executed for selling the drug to school children. He was dumped into a hole and rotted away, until Mary J saved his life in the form of magic he got up walked around a bit and ran into Stevie Two-Time and the gang. That encounter had Stevie Shit his pants but took an instant Liking to him, and has been traveling with him ever since.

  • During Cody's review of KDS Portable Camp Stuff it was revealed that his first name was Bobby.
  • During The Hell on Earth mod review He was killed when Cody used the kill all comand but through the magic powers of Paladinv0ci he was revived
  • Kurt and Stockins' hate him