Vilja is a companion found in the mod Vilja for Skyrim. She is comparable to Willow? in Fallout: New Vegas as she seems to discard her clothing often, rendering her naked, this annoys Cody greatly.


Vilja first appeared in the video? Vilja-Part 1? in which Cody was showcasing her. Cody and his companions then take a shortcut through a river, and to Cody's surprise, Vilja had discarded her clothing items, only to have them re-appear when she emerged from the water. This happened a few minutes later, to which Cody began to becomed annoyed by it. He now avoids rivers and water whenever he can with her.


  • She seem to not want to get her cloths wet as she takes her cloths on in any kind of water.
  • She may become Lydia's replacement ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????