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Willow? is a companion found in a mod for Fallout: New Vegas, and has traveled with on a few occasions. As of the 19th of November 2012, in part 1 of the Vilja mod, Cody confirmed that Willow is now deceased. Her cause of death: Being "shot in the mouth".


Willow first appeared as Cody's companion during a mod review showcasing her. Cody started to get annoyed by Willow over time because she talks so much. In later parts of the review Willow gives Cody some Teddy Bear Bombs. Cody throws one not knowing it's power and accidentally kills Dogmeat. Cody becomes very angry with Willow especially when she interrupts him mourning Dogmeat. She says? I am going to do something for you and something to you.? Then starts dancing around in the nude. Cody censored it sadly. But then Willow engaged sexual interaction and Cody states things like? Oh Jesus!? andThat was awkward.


  • During the? Hotel Baby Fourfer? Mod Series at around 13:27, Willow didn't have any pants on for a few seconds after Cody was forced to disable the armor mod he had on. Neither did Arcade Gannon.
  • Cody says in a video that he may have to kill her. He also says that Willow is never coming back in the Badlands review. It's comfirmed by Cody during Skyrim mods: Vilja that she was shot in the mouth and killed.